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The ALTUS Cloud Electrification Study (ACES) was based at the Naval Air Facility Key West in Florida. During August or 2002, ACES researchers overflights of thunderstorms over the southwestern corner of Florida. For the first time in NASA research, an uninhabited aerial vehicle (UAV) named ALTUS was used to collect cloud electrification data. Carrying field mills, optical sensors, electric field sensors and other instruments, ALTUS allowed scientists to collect cloud electrification data for the first time from above the storm, from its birth through dissipation. This experiment allowed scientists to achieve the dual goals of gathering weather data safely and testing new aircraft technology. This dataset consists of timing data used for the experiment. When used it provides: syncclock_time = time found at the syncclock (VSI-SYnCCLOCK-32) in seconds from first file name, syncclock_m_time = time found at the syncclock (VSI-SYnCCLOCK-32) in Matlab dateform format, system_time = system time in seconds from first file name, system_m_time = system time in dateform format, gps_time = time found at the GPS unit in seconds from first file name, gps_m_time = time found at GPS unit in dateform, cmos_time = time found at the computer CMOS in seconds from first file name, cmos_m_time = time found at the computer CMOS in dateform.
Please include the following citation in your publications:
Blakeslee, Richard. 2004. ACES Timing Data [indicate subset used]. Dataset available online from the NASA Global Hydrology Resource Center DAAC, Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5067/ACES/CLOCKS/DATA101
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General Characteristics
Publication date: 2004-09-15
Version: 1
Collections: ACES Products
Projects: ACES
Platforms: ALTUS
Instruments: CLOCKS
Processing level: 1B
Format: Binary
Location: CARIBBEAN [coverage map]
Red dots or areas indicate coverage range.
North boundary: 26°
West boundary: -85°
East boundary: -81°
South boundary: 23°
Temporal resolution: DAILY
Start date: 2002-07-10
Stop date: 2002-08-30
GET DATA: https://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov/pub/fieldCampaigns/aces/timing/data/
Files may be downloaded directly to your workstation from this link
USER'S GUIDE: http://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov/uso/ds_docs/aces/aces1_dataset.html
The guide document contains detailed information about the dataset
GET SOFTWARE PACKAGE: https://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov/pub/doc/aces/ACES_TOOLKIT.tar
VIEW PROJECT HOME PAGE: https://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov/home/field-campaigns/ACES
The home page for the project or program which sponsored the dataset
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5067/ACES/CLOCKS/DATA101
Digital Object Identifier
Citing data: https://ghrc.nsstc.nasa.gov/home/about-ghrc/citing-ghrc-daac-data
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