Version 1 was active from 22 July 2014 to 24 July 2016.
Latest version is available from Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC).

Twenty-five tipping bucket rain gauge pairs were deployed during the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Ground Validation (GV) Iowa Flood Studies (IFloodS) mission taking place in Iowa during April-June 2013. Along with the disdrometers these rain gauges provided an additional means for directly measuring rainfall during the campaign. The Model 380 Precipitation Gauge, which is manufactured by MetOne Instruments, Inc., was used. The Model 380 gauges have a 30.5 cm diameter catchment funnel and a resolution of 0.2 mm of liquid water for each tip.

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Petersen, Walter A, Ali Tokay and David B Wolff. 2014. GPM Ground Validation Met One Rain Gauge Pairs IFloodS Version 1 [indicate subset used]. Dataset available online from the NASA Global Hydrology Resource Center DAAC, Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A. DOI:
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General Characteristics

Publication date: 2014-07-22
Version: 1
Collections: GPM-GV IFloodS Products
Projects: IFLOODS
Instruments: RAIN GAUGES
Processing level: 2
Format: ASCII


[coverage map]
Red dots or areas indicate coverage range.


Location: IOWA
Spatial resolution: 30.5 cm
North boundary: 43.37°
West boundary: -93.5°
East boundary: -91.18°
South boundary: 42.28°
Temporal resolution: DAILY
Start date: 2013-04-01
Stop date: 2013-12-27


Retired Dataset: Retired data available on request only
The guide document contains detailed information about the dataset
PI Documentation:
Quality-controlled and Cubic Spline interpolated rain rates from IFloodS ASA gauges NASA0026-0050
PI Documentation:
Quality-controlled and reformatted rainfall data taken from IFloodS NASA gauges NASA0026-0050
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