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TRMM LIS/OTD Data and Software Overview

The document entitled "Introduction to Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS)" contains general information on the LIS instrument and its data. This document also includes descriptions of the LIS data file format and structure, the LIS browse products, and basic information on how to extract the LIS data from the files.

The LIS/OTD Software is used to examine data from the Optical Transient Detector (OTD) and Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS). The software is designed to simplify, as much as possible, user access to the OTD and LIS lightning data sets, which are distributed in HDF (Hierarchical Data Format). This software replaces the "OTD Read Software", which had previously been used to read and extract data from the OTD HDF files. Although the file structure for the LIS and OTD data files are different, the OTD/LIS Software can read both data file structures.

The Software User Guide is a PDF document which includes instructions on how to install and use the LIS/OTD Software. It also provides information on the HDF file structure of the LIS data files and samples of code which can be used to extract and examine data from the LIS and OTD HDF files.

The Software Release Notes document updates and bug fixes to the LIS/OTD User Software. The new software version number is 1.1. Please read these notes thoroughly before installing or using the LIS/OTD Software.

The "Quick-Start Guide" provides a brief explanation of how to run the LIS/OTD Software, how to access the IDL and C libraries, and what to do if the software crashes.

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