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Who is the Principal Investigator for the funded project that led to this data product?
If there are more than one, please list only the first at this time. Later forms will allow for Co-Investigator entry. Please do not use nicknames.
This will most likely be the organization associated with the Principal Investigator. Please provide the full name, not acronyms, and include the department, if needed.
Include information such as measured parameters, product coverage and resolution, relevance to NASA or GHRC.
Please include units with your answer.
Include any pertinent references you would like us to consider.
Provide information such as anticipated number of users, how often they might access the data, and particular needs of the community
Other GHRC data can be seen at [link to hydro page]. If you do not know, enter ‘unknown’.
Are the data freely available to everyone? Select an answer.
For instance, will the product continue to be produced after we incorporate it into GHRC? Please select one response from the dropdown.
Give day/time in GMT or include time zone information.
Please select from the dropdown. Refer to the following NASA document for help determining maturity values.
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