GHRC Personnel Roster

National Space Science and Technology Center
320 Sparkman Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35805

Main lobby: 256-961-7700
Lobby FAX: 256-961-7723
User Services: 256-961-7932
User Services FAX: 256-961-7859


List of GHRC personnel by name, affiliation, phone, and E-mail
First Name Last Name Affiliation Phone E-mail
John Beck UAH 256-824-5147
Eddie Campos UAH 256-961-7732
Charles Collins UAH 256-824-5156
Will Ellett UAH 256-961-7810
Brian Ellingson UAH 256-961-7544
Shannon Flynn UAH 256-961-7790
Michele Garrett UAH 256-961-7926
Sara Graves UAH 256-824-6064
Eric Imsand UAH 256-824-5143
Xiang Li UAH 256-961-7879
Amy Lin UAH 256-824-5164
Abdelhak Marouane UAH 256-961-7758
Manil Maskey NASA 256-824-5155
Michael McEniry UAH 256-824-5158
Mary Nair UAH 256-961-7794
Navaneeth Selvaraj UAH 256-961-7545
Leigh Sinclair UAH 256-961-7406
Tammy Smith UAH 256-961-7803
Geoffrey Stano UAH 256-961-7817
Jason Toone UAH 256-961-7812
Lucy Wang UAH 256-961-7786
Taylor Wright UAH 256-961-7878



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