Hurricane Science Data at the GHRC

GHRC has worked with NASA's Hurricane Science Research Program (HSRP) since the 1990's. We are the archive and distribution center for data collected during HSRP field campaigns, as well as the recent Hurricane Science and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) Earth Venture mission. Field campaigns provide for intensive observation of specific phenomena using a variety of instruments on aircraft, satellites and surface networks.

A related project, the Sediment Analysis Network for Decision Support (SANDS), provided data for analysis of suspended sediments in the Gulf of Mexico before and after selected landfalling hurricanes.

GHRC also hosts a database of Atlantic and Pacific tropical storm tracks derived from the storm data published by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). This web page provides a convenient user interface for casually browsing storm information including location, category, and wind speed. The same information is available in machine-readable form via web services.

GHRC has participated in a number of NASA field campaigns related to the Hurricane Science Research Program.
The Sediment Analysis Network for Decision Support (SANDS) project focuses on tropical storm-induced sediment disturbance.

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