HyDRO 2.0 Help


What is HyDRO 2.0?

HyDRO 2.0 is a data search tool that can help you locate and obtain GHRC data. It was made to be user friendly, concise, and easy to use.

When you select Dataset List or Search from the Access Data dropdown in the menu bar, you are delivered to the HyDRO 2.0 interface. HyDRO 2.0 looks like the image below.

HyDRO Homepage


How do I use HyDRO 2.0?

Instructional Video


Use HyDRO 2.0 to locate data within the NASA GHRC DAAC.
One can search for data by several means:

To locate a dataset quickly, just type the name or part of a name into the search box. You can then use the search filters to narrow down to the needed files.

Datasets that meet the selection requirements are listed on the right. The order of listed datasets can be by oldest first, newest first, or ordered by relevance. Relevance will deliver the datasets that best match your search terms, providing those with the term in the dataset name first. If no search term is used, the most recent data are listed first.

The listing for each dataset contains the name of the dataset, dataset keywords, the spatial and temporal coverage of the data, and four clickable icons as listed in the table below. Click on the dataset name to get to the landing page. A landing page is a one-page description of the dataset with links to important documents.


Icon Descriptions

Select this icon for a list of browse images that can be viewed or downloaded. If there is no icon, then no browse images exist.


Select this icon to download the entire dataset that falls within the start and stop time you selected.


Select this icon to see a list of available data files. If you select a file from the list, it will download to your computer. This is the best method to obtain one or two files.


Similar to the down arrow icon, select this icon to download the entire dataset that falls within the start and stop time you selected, and then to continue shopping for other datasets. The shopping cart is best used when selecting multiple files from multiple datasets. Once selected, the shopping cart icon changes to a check mark meaning it has been placed in the cart already. The Show Order and Clear Order buttons will appear when data are in the shopping cart.


What is Earthdata login?

To obtain data from the GHRC DAAC, all users are required to login using a central NASA Earthdata login account. Visit https://urs.earthdata.nasa.gov/. If you do not have an account, click the Register button. For more information, visit the Earthdata web page


How do I get the data?

The shopping cart is best used for collecting a large number and variety of data files. This is designed for the advanced user looking for bulk download capabilities. The download button is best for obtaining an entire dataset collection. This is usually a great number of files from the same dataset. Both of these methods will take the user to the data download page shown below. On this page, the data you selected are listed, showing the dataset name, the time period of data files, the total size of files ordered, and the number of files. The “From and Thru” dates can be altered to narrow the selection to a more specific time period.

getting data

There are two buttons below the list of files in your shopping cart.

The Download URLS button will deliver a text file containing the URLs for the requested data files. This URL list can be used with a tool like WGET <https://www.gnu.org/software/wget/>  to download the files. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the script or the list of URLs are below. If you have any troubles with downloading the data, please contact us at support-ghrc@earthdata.nasa.gov.

Before implementing the text file and script to download data, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an Earthdata login. Both instructions on how to register a new user in Earthdata and more information are available.

  2. Go to HyDRO 2.0 and download one file out of your desired dataset, by clicking on the list icon. This will approve the “GHRC DAAC” applications when downloading data via wget. To approve the “GHRC LANCE Data Access” applications, a LANCE Data file must be downloaded.

  3. How to Download Bulk Data in HyDRO 2.0 Using the URLs (see below)


How to Download Bulk Data in HyDRO 2.0 Using the URLs

  1. Download and install wget
    • NOTE: Some antivirus tools recognize wget-1.19.1-win32.zip as potentially dangerous. The file that triggers the warning is wget.exe.debug, which contains debugging symbols for wget.exe, and isn't even an executable. If your AV is giving you trouble, and you don't need the documentation or debug symbols, you can download wget.exe directly, or switch to a less broken security product.

  2. Open up your Command Prompt. It should look something like this once it is opened:

  3. Command Prompt

  4. For wget to work in your Command Prompt, either the wget file must be saved in C:\Windows\system32 or C:\Windows\, or you need to add a path to the wget file location. For these instructions, move the downloaded wget file to C:\Windows\system32 or C:\Windows\.

  5. To see if you have moved the file into the correct path, restart the Command Prompt and type ‘wget -h’. If the wget file is in the correct directory, a help file will appear listing the wget argument definitions.

  6. wget argument definitions

  7. Using wget, you can either specify where the data will be placed, or the files will download to the location of the GHRC_URLS.txt file that you downloaded from the order page. In this example, we put the GHRC_URLS.txt file in a directory called AMSR2_data where we want to files to be located.

  8. In the command prompt window, use the cd command to change to the correct directory.

  9. change directory

  10. Type the following command to download the data: wget --user YOUR-Earthdata-USERNAME --ask-password --auth-no-challenge --no-check-certificate -i PATH-TO-GHRC_URLs.txt and hit Enter. Wget will use the URLs in the text file to download the data to the current directory. Using Wget help, more arguments can be used to tailor how the data are downloaded.

  11. Wget will reuse your existing connection with urs.earthdata.nasa.gov since you have created a login to download your data. If this does not happen, it will ask for your username and password. You must have an Earthdata Login to obtain data.


How to Use Earthdata Drive to Bulk Download Data Files

Earthdata Drive consists of a WebDAV interface, an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that allows clients to perform remote Web content authoring operations. WebDAV allows you to connect to the GHRC public data server as if it were a local drive on your computer.

  1. Click the link on this page https://ghrcdrive.nsstc.nasa.gov/
  2. In order to connect with WebDAV, you need to use your assigned credentials which consist of your Earthdata login username and the WebDAV password assigned by the system
  3. One can click the button shown at the bottom of the page to browse files and explore what you might want to download first
  4. Then when ready to connect to the drive, visit the help page for using WebDAV