The LIS/OTD Gridded Lightning Climatology Data Collection is comprised of the ten LIS/OTD Gridded Lightning Climatology Datasets listed below with their individual DOIs. These ten data sets offer full, annual, monthly and diurnal climatologies, and time series of lightning observed from space from May 1995 through December 2014, including both Optical Transient Detector and TRMM Lightning Imaging Sensor, at 0.5 and 2.5 degree resolutions. Both the LIS and the OTD instruments were developed by NASA Marshall Flight Center (MSFC). Information about each dataset in this collection including its citation is provided on the landing page at the appropriate DOI link below.

To cite the entire collection, please use the following:

Cecil, D.J. 2015. LIS/OTD Gridded Lightning Climatology Data Collection.
Data set available online [] from the NASA EOSDIS Global Hydrology Resource Center Distributed Active Archive Center Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A. doi: http:/

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General Characteristics

Collections: Lightning Products, Lightning from Satellites
Projects: TRMM, LIS
Platforms: MICROLAB-1, TRMM
Instruments: LIS, OTD
Parameters: LIGHTNING
Processing level: 3
Format: HDF-4; netCDF-4/CF


[coverage map]
Red dots or areas indicate coverage range.
Location: GLOBAL
Spatial resolution: n/a
North boundary: 90°
West boundary: -180°
East boundary: 180°
South boundary: -90°
Temporal resolution: Full, Annual, Monthly, Diurnal, Time Series
Start date: 1995-05-04
Stop date: 2014-12-31

Member Datasets and More Information


LIS/OTD 0.5 Degree High Resolution Annual Climatology (HRAC)


LIS/OTD 0.5 Degree High Resolution Full Climatology (HRFC)


LIS/OTD 0.5 Degree High Resolution Monthly Climatology (HRMC)


LIS/OTD 2.5 Degree Low Res Annual Diurnal Climatology (LRADC)


LIS/OTD 2.5 Degree Low Resolution Annual Climatology (LRAC)


LIS/OTD 2.5 Degree Low Resolution Annual Climatology Time Series


LIS/OTD 2.5 Degree Low Resolution Diurnal Climatology (LRDC)


LIS/OTD 2.5 Degree Low Resolution Full Climatology (LRFC)


LIS/OTD 2.5 Degree Low Resolution Monthly Time Series (LRMTS)


LIS/OTD 2.5 Degree Low Resolution Time Series (LRTS)


User's Guide:
LIS/OTD Climatology Dataset Collection User Guide
The guide document contains detailed information about the dataset
Algorithm Documentation:
Gridded lightning climatology from TRMM-LIS and OTD: Dataset description
PI Documentation:
Global frequency and distribution of lightning as observed from space by the Optical Transient Detector
PI Documentation:
Products in LIS-OTD gridded climatology files
PI Documentation:
The 13 years of TRMM Lightning Imaging Sensor: From individual flash characteristics to decadal tendencies
Read SDS Arrays From an A HDF file
Read an SDS grid from the LIS/OTD HDF climatology files
Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) Overview

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