GHRC Presents its Annual Earthdata Webinar

The NASA Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) DAAC participated in its annual Earthdata webinar.  This is an activity that each DAAC participates in to showcase updates and capabilities.  This year, the GHRC presented, “Using the ISS Lightning Imaging Sensor and Release of the GOES-R Post Launch Test Observations.” The webinar started with background information about GHRC.  The main body of the presentation focused on the International Space Station Lightning Imaging Sensor (ISS LIS).  This included information about the importance of lightning observations and physical reasoning. Information, including a live demonstration, was provided on how to access and download these data.  The final part of the ISS LIS section focused on a lightning exposure risk study in Bangladesh and Nepal through the NASA DEVELOP program. The webinar concluded with the announcement of the GOES-R Post Launch Test field campaign data and a description of this campaign.


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