GHRC Published CAMEX-3 ER-2 EDOP

The NASA Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) DAAC published the CAMEX-3 ER-2 Doppler Radar (EDOP) dataset. This dataset is a browse-only dataset that consists of plotted reflectivity and Doppler velocity data collected by the ER-2 Doppler Radar (EDOP) during the third field campaign in the Convection And Moisture EXperiment (CAMEX) series, CAMEX-3. This field campaign took place from August to September 1998 based out of Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, with the purpose of studying the various aspects of tropical cyclones in the region. EDOP was mounted onboard the NASA ER-2 high-altitude research aircraft from which it obtained vertical profiles of convection within tropical cyclones. The daily browse files are available from August 5 through September 27, 1998 in GIF format. It should be noted that the ER-2 aircraft did not operate each day of the campaign, therefore, data are only available on flight days.

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