GHRC User Working Group Meeting 2020

The NASA Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) DAAC held its annual User Working Group (UWG) meeting on October 13-14. The UWG meeting is an opportunity for GHRC to showcase its accomplishments for the year, highlight new activities, and to receive feedback and guidance from both the UWG members and other attendees on how to best position GHRC for the year ahead. GHRC’s cloud transition featured prominently this year and covered GHRC’s data publications both on-premise and in the cloud, preparations for shifting to cloud-only applications, and highlighted GHRC’s NASA Group Achievement Award. A live demonstration of the publicly available Field Campaign Explorer was also provided ( Overall, GHRC’s efforts were well received and the feedback and recommendations by the UWG were positive. GHRC would like to thank all of our UWG members for their support and for the excellent discussions fostered by them and the attendees to the meeting.

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