netCDF-4 Data Now Available for TRMM LIS Datasets

The NASA Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) DAAC now has the Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) on TRMM Science Data and the LIS on TRMM Backgrounds datasets available in netCDF/CF format, as well as the historical HDF-4 format.  TRMM LIS was used to detect the distribution and variability of total lightning occurring in the Earth’s tropical and subtropical regions. The LIS Science Data consist of lightning and lightning density measurements and are used for severe storm detection and analysis, as well as for lightning-atmosphere interaction studies. The LIS instrument makes measurements during both day and night with high detection efficiency. These data are now available in both HDF-4 and netCDF-4 formats, with corresponding browse images in GIF format. The TRMM satellite stopped collecting data on April 8, 2015 and crashed in the Indian Ocean on June 15, 2015.  Note that this dataset does not currently contain uniform algorithm processing over the length of operation. There are plans to reprocess the entire dataset in the future with an updated algorithm. 
Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) on TRMM Science Data DOI:
Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) on TRMM Backgrounds DOI:

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