Data Product Maturity

The GHRC ingests, processes, archives and distributes data from several thematic collections including global lightning data from NASA and DoD satellites as well as ground-based lightning detection networks, long-term climate data records from numerous satellite passive microwave instruments, and airborne and ground-based observations from Hurricane Science field campaigns and Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Ground Validation experiments.
The maturity levels of GHRC primary data products are provided in a PDF file for download.  We have not assessed the maturity level of any data product archived at GHRC that are only support data for one of our primary projects.  These support data are available from another data center as their primary source and that data center will assess the appropriate maturity level.  The NASA Data Maturity Model is used to determine the maturity of each data product.
In general, data products start at a beta or provisional level for which little is known of the data quality. With time, through validation, algorithm improvement, and independent scientific use much is learned about the data product and its quality. These activities increase the maturity level of the data product.  Validated data products have 4 levels with the highest level, Level 4 or L4,  representing high-quality, well-validated data suitable for use in climate study.   Because both data products and data validation change over time, the product maturity assessments listed below are re-determined annually.
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GHRC Data Product Maturity Table

Only primary GHRC data products are listed.  Support data for campaigns or instrument datasets obtained from another data center have not been assessed.


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