DC-8 Flight Summary: 23 August 1998


Takeoff 173444 UTC/23 Aug Landing 001308 UTC/24 Aug


Mission objectives:

1. Execute two "figure-four" patterns through the center of Hurricane Bonnie, coordinated between DC-8 and ER-2, and (more or less) with two NOAA WP-3D's as well. Result is 8 radial legs to about 100 nm distance from storm, spaced 45 · apart.

2. Perform three passes just offshore of the Andros Island site, followed by a final pass from E-W directly over the site.



Mission flown as planned. Storm had moved more slowly than anticipated, so after briefing had to adjust all coordinates about 6 minutes north and 48 minutes east. The storm structure was conplex and interesting. The wind eye at our altitude was displaced some 20 miles to the NW of where the WP-3Ds were reporting it, and where a crescent-shaped echo on the east side of the eye suggested a tight center might be located. The wind speed was stronger on the west side, but convection and turbulence (never more than light) was stronger onthe east side. On a few crossings on the E side, there was strong diffluence out of the convective bands, as much as 70-90·.

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