Maneuvers: NASA's DC-8 & CAMEX-3

DC-8 Aircraft Maneuvers 
Instrument Acronym Preferred Maneuvers Dropsondes Unfavorable Maneuvers Unfavorable WX Conditions
ARMAR Level flight lines; Some banking desired One near data collection area (no rain/light rain)    
AVAPS     Sharp turns Heavy rain, large hydrometeors
CAPAC     Steep (>1000 feet per minute) descents and ascents  
JPL SAW     Rapid descent from cold, dry conditions to warm, humid conditions Rain
Laser Hygrometer     Sharp turns may affect optical alignment. Rain on ground
LASE Moderate to high altitude (> 25 kft)   Attitudes where zenith port axis is < 15 deg. relative to sun Clouds (data collected between aircraft & clouds)
LIP Straight, level flight paths; 
1-2 Banking maneuvers required per experiment for calibration
MACAWS Straight lines at constant altitudes of 1000 - 41000 ft; Spiral ascents/descents in optically-clear eye; Orbits of 5-30 km diameter over a ground point 1-2 per mission in relatively clear area Frequent changes in heading or altitude; Exceeding ground speed of 450 kt; Drift angle < 10 degrees Optically-dense clouds, precipitation, extremely clean air
MMS Five sinusoidal pitching cycles, five sinusoidal yawing cycles, and square box pattern spanning 0-360 deg of heading. Once per flight in "calm" air at a specific MACH number for instrument calibration     cold wet cloud encounters
PSR Straight and level flight at altitudes between 30,000' and 45,000' from at least two different non-orthogonal flight directions Brief 60o left rolls 3-5 per mission None None


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