Planning needs: NASA's DC-8 & CAMEX-3

DC-8 Planning Needs
Instrument Acronym
Critical Science Data
Mission Planning Data Needs
In-field Products
ARMAR Radiometer,  
Other aircraft radars,  
Ground-based radars,  
Aircraft microphysics
Satellite VIS/IR,  
Ground-based radar
Reflectivity images
AVAPS GPS constellation telemetry    
CAPAC MMS and DADS data   Time series of particle number, volume, and surface area, Size distribution @ particle shapes for a few selected time periods 
JPL SAW     Time series plots of dewpoint/frostpoint 
Laser Hygrometer Pressure and Temperature from MMS (or equivalent) Comparisons with other H2O sensors are valuable Pressure and Temperature water vapor volume mixing ratio. Preliminary data within 1-23 hours of flight termination provided pressure and temperature data are available from MMS
LASE Dropsonde winds & temperature; 
Scanning HIS temperature crosssections
GOES Imagery;  
Radar precipitation imagery;  
General meteorological observations;  
Hurricane forecasts
Color images of water vapor mixing ratio & relative aerosol scattering cross sections
LIP   WSR-88D, GOES; NLDN, LDAR, RDI; TRMM,OTD,SSM/I; satellite orbit; predictions Electric fields and conductivity (perhaps lightning statistics)
MACAWS MSFC Continuous Wave lidar Hurricane intensity & tracking forecasts;  
VIS/IR/WV satellite images;  
Hurricane recon. observations
Line of Sight velocity time/height cross-section images, Selected 2-D wind field images Time/height cross-section images of relative backscatter
PSR Particle size measurements, ARMAR radar data. SSM/I data, RADARSAT data; GOES IR imagery Weather FAX on board DC-8 to provide near real-time picture of conditions. Maps of wind speed and direction, surface rain rate, and cloud liquid water.


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