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Instrument Acronym Direct Products P.I. Derived Products Potential Products
AMMR Calibrated TB (18-37 GHz) Water vapor profiles (requires temperature profiles)  
ARMAR In-field: Equiv. reflectivity factor Ze, Doppler velocity, Cross-polarization reflectivity,  
HH-VV correlation coefficient,  
HH-VV phase difference 
Rain rate,  
Updraft velocity,  
Latent heating
Rain rate,  
Updraft velocity,  
Latent heating
AVAPS Profiles of temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind velocity    
CAPAC In situ particle density, size, and shape (few um to 1.6 mm for 1st and 4th instrument; 0.2 um to 20 um for 2nd and 3rd instrument). 
In-field: above for a few periods
Cloud/aerosol part. size distrib. (0.2 um<D<1.6mm, Diameter);  
Condensed water volume
JPL SAW In situ dewpoint/frostpoint, pressure, temperature (raw data).  
In-field: plots of dewpoint/frostpoint
In situ dewpoint/frostpoint, pressure, temperature (formatted data)  
Laser Hygrometer In-situ water vapor volume mixing ratio along the DC-8 flight track   intercomparisons with the other water vapor sensors on the DC-8; water vapor data will be utilized by the lidar teams and the modelling teams to define atmospheric conditions and analyze atmospheric dynamics
LASE Profiles of water vapor mixing ratio and aerosol scattering.  
In-field: Color images of water vapor mixing ratio & relative aerosol scatttering cross sections
Cross sections of water vapor mixing ratios, relative humidities, total atmosphere scattering ratios, and aerosol backscattering coefficients Total precipitation water; Aerosol extinct. profiles; Aerosol optical thickness; Cloud base/top height; Relative humidity profiles; Boundary layer height
LIP Electric field components, aircraft charge. 
In-field: Quick looks at direct products
Total lightning count & rates, lightning statistics, storm current output, storm charge structure (last two in conjunction with ER-2 measurements) Quantified Lightning; relationship with precipitation; convective mass/ice; flux, latent heat; storm current output
MACAWS LOS wind velocities and relative backscatter as a function of location, range from aircraft, elevation angle, & azimuth angle.  
In-field: LOS velocity and relative backscatter with respect to time/height
Selected 2-D wind fields as a function of elevation angle with respect to aircraft 2-D wind fields, kinematic quantities, fluxes, Richardson number
MMS 1-Hz data: time, pressure, temperature, theta horizontal wind (U,V), vertical wind (W), turbulence index
5-sec data: latitude, longitude, pressure-altitude, true-air-speed
PSR Polarimetric, multiband, fore/aft conically scanned, and geolocated brightness temperature maps Surface wind speed and wind direction, integrated cloud water content, near surface rain rate. Improved P.I. derived products using rain radar data and integrated water vapor data.


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