GHRC 2015 UWG Agenda


Logistics and Planning Information

DATES 0800 Wednesday, October 17 through
1500 Thursday, October 18
LOCATION National Space Science and Technology Center
Bud Cramer Research Hall
320 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, Alabama  35899
Phone:  256-961-7000

(building #26 on campus map, west side of Sparkman Drive)

GHRC Data Management Documents

GHRC DAAC Annual Report FY2015



Meeting Agena and Presentations

Day 1: Wednesday, October 17, 2015

0800 - 0820 Meet and Greet
0820 - 0830 Welcome (Harrison)
0830 - 0900

Opening Remarks

  • NASA HQ (Murphy)
  • NASA ESDIS (Berrick)
  • UWG Chair (Gentemann, Kummerow)
0900 - 0930 Review 2014 Recommendations (Ramachandran)
0930 - 1030 Session 1: New GHRC Mission Statement (Ramachandran)
  • Recommendation 1: Evaluate and update the GHRC mission and objectives in coordination with the UWG, ESDIS, and Program Managers at NASA HQ.
  • Recommendation 2: Develop a 5-10 year vision for GHRC and ensure the new website reflects that message.
1030 - 1045 Break
1045 -1115 Session 2: GHRC Data Lifecycle (Conover)
GHRC Data Management Documents
  • Recommendation 7:  Review NOAA and PO.DAAC data lifecycle documents.
  • Recommendation 8:  Create a data lifecycle process for GHRC that can be applied to current and future holdings.
  • Recommendation 10: Develop a data maturity model for GHRC data.  Provide this on website and include maturity information for each dataset.
1115 - 1200 Session 3: Potential New Datasets (Gatlin)
Potential New Data Products for GHRC
  • Recommendation 4: Carry out dataset holdings analysis and create a reporting structure that categorizes what is available at GHRC and possibly elsewhere. This compilation should enable prioritization of efforts that will fill the most significant data voids, where these efforts align with the new GHRC mission.
1200 - 1230 Lunch
1300 - 1400 Session 4: Review of Data Holdings
1300 - 1315 4A: Metrics (Ramachandran)
Data Holdings Dashboard
  • Recommendation 6: Determine a set of useful user metrics, with feedback obtained from the UWG, that can be routinely updated and made available to the NASA sponsor, UWG and broader community. Analysis of these metrics should inform the 5-10 year plan.
  • Recommendation 5: Update public dataset information pages to include data holding analysis results that might be helpful to the user community.
1315 - 1330 4B: Accomplishments (Conover)
  • Recommendation 13: Update the ‘cite our data’ webpage to include DOI in all the examples given and include a link to the ‘cite our data’ page on individual dataset information pages


1330 - 1400 4C: Metadata Ingest, Data Provider Questionnaire (Kulkarni)
Data Provider Questionnaire
1400 - 1630 Session 5: Review of Data Distribution Tools
1400 - 1415 5A: User Registration / Earthdata login (McEniry)
  • Recommendation 14: Communicate with the LPDAAC to understand their transition to HTTPS process. Provide highly visible examples, links to examples via email, and as much visibility as possible to ease the transition. A page with examples of different methods to download data, accompanied by example code, would be helpful
1415 - 1430 5B: Data Services (Flynn)
  • Recommendation 15: Look at netCDF4 as an internal data format, define common CF-compliant metadata for each data type, and develop tools that will check for metadata compliance
1430 - 1515 Break - SWIRLL Tour
1515 - 1545 5C: Website Review (Kulkarni, Flynn)
  • Suggestion 4: Continue web search optimization
1545 - 1630 5D: HS3 Data System Demo (Maskey)
  • Recommendation 12: Develop a single tool that can provide broad use to multiple field campaigns and data types
  • Suggestion 1: Ease of use should be paramount to GHRC. Supplying APIs in both IDL and Python that allow users to download datasets from their local machines is highly desirable
1630 - 1700 Session 6:  Recap of Key Issues for UWG Discussion
  • Improvements to Data Portfolio (Conover)
  • Improvements to Operations - Data Ingest (Conover)
    • Suggestion 3: Provide fixed single browse image for most products
    • Recommendation 9: Develop some guidelines or work flows, based on the NODC netCDF data template, for GHRC to handle future field campaign data.
  • Improvements to Operations - Science Outreach (Ramachandran)
    • Recommendation 3: GHRC should hold AMS and AGU town halls, develop and distribute information brochures that describe their capabilities to potential data providers (e.g. field campaign PIs) and data users, utilize the NASA hyperwall, and pursue other opportunities (BAMS) to enhance GHRC visibility.
    • Recommendation 11: Determine LIS technical specifications for data products, latency, formats, etc. Publicize this future data source at appropriate venues.
1700 Adjourn

7:00 Group dinner at Cork and Crust, 12120 County Line Rd Madison, AL


Day 2: Thursday, October 18, 2015

0800 - 1100 Closed UWG Meeting
1100 - 1200 Report out to DAAC
1200 Adjourn


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