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GHRC is comprehensive active archive of both data and knowledge augmentation services with a focus on hazardous weather, its governing dynamical and physical processes, and associated applications. We perform data ingest, processing, archiving, cataloging, and produce data product documentation and visualization tools. We also provide tailored user services. Our primary goal is to help Users obtain and use NASA data.

If you are a research scientist with data related to the study of atmospheric hazards or hydrology please consider submitting your data to GHRC for archival. Your data will be secured for future generations, become freely available to peers, and will meet current publication standards. We fully credit contributors in metadata, documentation and references and we educate and encourage users to properly cite your data. We can also withhold or restrict data from public access as needed.

To submit your data for consideration, please contact GHRC Support Services to request access to the Archival Interest Form.

DAPPeR Data Publication website

A minimal amount of metadata about your data product is needed to start the process. You need to determine the maturity level of your data product. Please refer to the NASA Data Maturity Model for description of the different levels of data product maturity. In addition, researchers need to identify the type of data with regards to Processing Level. Please refer to the NASA Data Processing Level Definitions to help you.

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