Mission Debrief 08/02/02

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Mission Debrief

Flight Number: 01

Debrief Author: Kim

Date: 08/02/02

Pilot: Jason McDermitt

Launch Time: 12:18:00

Land Time: 13:13:00

Do not know full status

Miami Nexrad Status: Operational

Key West Nexrad Status: Operational

NPOL Status: Not Operational

It is not operational yet.

Mission Description:
ALTUS Functional Checkout Flight (FCF)

Mission Objective:
Fly to warning area 174C to an altitude of 12,000 feet and check out the aircraft for functionality and turn on payload.

Mission Summary:
Flew to 12,000 feet with a total duration of flight for 55 minutes.

Instruments/Aircraft/Ground Assets:


Total Flight Time: 0 Hour 55 Minutes


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