Plan of the Day 08/31/02

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Plan of the Day

Posted On: 08/31/02 06:10 AM CDT

Next Flight Date: Science Flights Completed

Altus Status: No Fly Hands Off: n/a

Estimated Takeoff: n/a

Estimated Landing: n/a

Daily Objectives:
ACES completed final flights on 8/30/02. Saturday will be devoted to de-integration and packing.

Congratulations and thanks to the entire ACES team and all supporting groups (you are also considered part of the overall ACES team) for a successful ground-breaking mission. You can be proud at what was accomplished so well. We look forward now with exciment to the science analyses as we turn our attention to the unique and valuable ACES data sets.

Again, thanks to all for a job well done!

Rich Blakeslee, Tony Kim, Jay Stoneburner

7:30 Key West Dinner for Breakfast
8:00 De-integration and packing

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