ACES Daily Weather Summary 8/02/02

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Author: Wohlman                  Date: 08/02/02

Weather Summary:

Lots of moisture all over the place, but no real kickers to initiate convection in the morning hours over the keys. As forecast Thursday morning, storms began to the eastern side of the penninsula as the west coast seabreeze was driven eastward. Throughout the afternoon convective activity built and progressed to the tip of the state. Over the water to the north and south of the keys, convection built on old outflow boundaries and closed in on EYW as evening approached.

Discussions talk about an upper level low to the NE of FL with an associated trof to the SW. with Slight drying to the south of the trof. This low will retrograde to the SW over the next 48hours and will change us to a more southerly regime as the weekend progresses.
For Friday: looks like steering winds will be from the SW backing to the S in the next 24hrs. Again today convective activity will initiate on old boundaries.


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