Daily Weather Summary Output 08/10/02

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Daily Weather Summary Output

Author: Richard Wohlman

Date: 08/10/02

Weather Summary:

Upper level trof has moved to the west, and pattern has shifted more toward 'normal'. Weak frontal boundary which had moved south of us has begun moving northward over the past 12 hours, and now lies about overhead oriented E-W. Xpct continued motion to the north throughout the day. This, accompanied by good surface heating and an increase in moisture over FL will start the thunderstorms over the penninsula for the first time in several days.

Models indicate good convective activity in S FL beginning early afternoon hours. Low level flow is from the East, so any east coast seabreeze will advect to the west fairly rapidly. Expect that outflow boundaries and intersection with northward moving boundary will help with storms.

Situation for tomorrow looks also very favorable at this time. Will forecast two good days in a row.

Look for rw/trw over the field throughout the afternoon and thru landing time.

1000 rw


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