Daily Weather Summary 08/06/02

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Author: S Goodman

Date: 08/06/02

Weather Summary:

0945 EDT- TRW line of cells 330/70 km through 35/60 with 40K tops and 45 dBZ.

Winds at Key West 170/04 kts changing to northerly during the afternoon as trof across south central Florida pushes south. Convection last night north of Lake Okeechobee dissipated after midnight w/ diffuse boundary (clouds visible in satellite image) moving SW. PW of 51-57 from TPA to EYW; northerly steering flow 10-15 kts at 700 mb for storm motion today. Looking for interaction between the southward moving boundary and sea breeeze front to trigger storms in the southern Everglades well within target area. Models indicate deep convection at southern end of FL peninsula in the afternoon. SPoRT MM5 indicating precipitation in the Everglades by 1800 Z. TS Bertha moving west to LA and TD#3 off the GA coast moving slight southeasterly before heading northeast into Atlantic.

From Wednesday-Friday we remain in northerly flow so expect thunderstorms to form in the southern peninsula and move into the target area. By Friday the sfc ridge builds back in and the flow returns to southeasterly, storms will move east to west.

0957 EDT sg


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