Daily Weather Summary 08/15/02

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Weather Summary:

Winds continue easterly with the ridge axis to our north. A tropical wave is
currently moving through S Florida. The moisture decreases behind this wave so
drying currently occurring in the east coast will move westward throughout the day.
The outlook for today is for afternoon storms over the western half of our target
area of S Florida (Cape Sable area). There will also be isolated storms within our
flight area over the water.

Over the next 5-6 days, easterly flow will continue. Tropical waves are forecast to
pass by every 2-3 days. If these aren't too far south, expect an increase in moisture
and thunderstorms with these waves. Even without the tropical waves, thunderstorms
will occur on most days over the Everglades region due to surface heating.

1000L DB

Storms did not form as planned. In fact only a few NLDN flashes formed within the
flight region. Echo tops on cells that formed only reached about 35-40 kft at most.
Cells didn't form because the dry air to the east moved in faster than forecast.
The flight came back early due to no cells to fly.

Outlook for tomorrow is for dry conditions with few thunderstorms. Moisture may
increase a bit on Saturday with a weak tropical wave passing through.

1835L DB

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