ACES Daily Weather Summary 08/04/02

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Daily Weather Summary Output

Author: S Goodman

Date: 08/04/02

Weather Summary:

Sunday morning TRW over the ocean south of the Everglades about 8 am EDT with ~ 1 CG per min and change to S-SE flow over S Florida suggests better opportunities over the west coast for today in association with sea breeze front. Models (RUC, Eta, MM5) all showing widespread precipitation in N Gulf associated with trough and Low. RUC captured longevity of the early morning storm; the higher resolution model providing better guidance. SPoRT MM5 (36 km) showing widespread precipitation off the coast, but the RUC also forecasting convective clouds in eastern domain of target area with tops over FL180 between 15-18 UTC . Southeast steering flow is weak (5-10 kts).

Nowcast of interaction of outflow boundaries from the sea breeze convection with other iosolated storms in the northern-eastern part of the target area shows most promise for longer lived storms and a sustained period of potential observations.

The low level flow for tomorrow is forecast to change back to southwesterly so the storms will be further inland and east. Tropical waves to the southeast will have no impact on ACES domain throughout this week.


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