Plan of the Day 08/29/02

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Plan of the Day

Posted On: 08/29/02 10:48 AM CDT

Next Flight Date: TBD

Altus Status: Fly

Hands Off:

Estimated Takeoff:

Estimated Landing:

Daily Objectives:
The checkout of the new engine is proceeding on track. If the weather permits, a Functional Check Flight (FCF) will be conducted this afternoon (August 29, 2002) opening the way for the final science flights. From a weather standpoint, moisture has returned to the local regions and the forecast appears good for widespead convection in our target domain over the next few days, especially Friday and Saturday (Aug. 30 and 31).

8/29/02 1600 Local: afternoon weather brief
8/30/02 0900 Local: morning weather brief
8/30/02 1100 Local: first tendative take-off opportunity for Science Mission

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