Daily Weather Summary Output 08/21/02

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Daily Weather Summary Output

Author: Richard Wohlman

Date: 08/21/02

Weather Summary:

A weak easterly wave moved thru late in the afternoon yesterday, and spawned a bunch of TRW over the Keys. The next wave appears to be a day or two away. Otherwise, we continue to be in the same flow regime as the past couple of days. There is still over 2" of P.W. in both the Miami and EYB soundings. Winds in the lower levels seem very light and variable, while winds aloft are from the NE at about 25kts. Isold early morning TSTMS over the ocean have dissipated, so air is nice and clear with little cirrus over the AOI.

Instability indices indicate moderate conditions and so will go for mid afternoon start over the land with isold tstms over the ocean.

1055 rw


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