Plan of the Day 08/26/02

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Plan of the Day

Posted On: 08/26/02 11:20 AM CDT

Next Flight Date: TBD

Altus Status: No Fly

Hands Off:

Estimated Takeoff:

Estimated Landing:

Daily Objectives:
Following last mission, an ongoing deterioration of the Altus fourth cylinder finally reached a point that requires that the engine be replaced. A spare was brought into the field to support this possibility. Repair is now underway with a goal to have a functional check flight (FCF) by Thursday or perhaps sooner. Final science missions would be conducted following the FCF (possibly Friday and Saturday).

Saturday remains the last day for Science missions and marks the end of the ACES campaign.

Tuesday will be a hard down day for the Science team. 11:00 briefings will resume on Wednesday as we monitor status of repairs and continue monitoring the weather.

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