Daily Weather Summary Output 08/12/02

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Daily Weather Summary Output

Author: Richard Wohlman

Date: 08/12/02

Weather Summary:

The moisture that was covering the entire area of S. Florida and environs has moved even farther north. This morning saw an area of convection to the NW of EYB running NE to the Tampa area, then across the state and out over the water near KSC. There was a huge tstm located there in the process of decaying. Trailing to the SE from this storm, the old frontal boundary then wound around to the southeast, east and finally back into a closed lo pressure system heading NEwrd around the Atlantic High.

Weather over the area was generally partly cloudy, but the wind field seemed a little odd. East of a line running NNE-SSW thru EYB, surface winds were from the SE. A little more easterly the farther north you went, more southerly on the south end. On the West side of this imaginary line winds were SSWly. After looking at the soundings it became clear that the SEly flow over EYB was extremely shallow as winds aloft veered around to SSW within 2K of the surface.

Weather over the AOI was clear, and we forecast surface heating to be the driver for the day. With an 1130 TO time, it looks good for us over the area by 1300 or perhaps a little later. Heating appears to kick off showers around 1400L, so by being there an hour earlier, we should be able to catch the showers in their nacient forms.

1100L rw

Dang it, the airplane broke. A/C was in climb in the warning area, and detected cylinder head temps running high. We didn't make it to the AOI. BUT-- we did hit the forecast. Tstms kicked off there about 1330L, and by 1500 had over 50 CG strokes recorded by NLDN. Would have been a great storm to fly. Bummer.

1509L rw


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