Plan of the Day 08/21/02

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Plan of the Day

Posted On: 08/19/02 02:55 PM CDT

Next Flight Date: 08/21/02

Altus Status: No Fly

Hands Off:

Estimated Takeoff:

Estimated Landing:

Daily Objectives:
Today and tomorrows objective is to prepare the Altus for flight with a possible flight opportunity on Wednesday (8/21/02). During the preflight checks, a grinding noise was heard when testing the prop-pitch servos. The prop-pitch servo was replaced during the maintenance activity in the last two days since the replacement of the intake manifold made access to the servo convenient (due for replacement within 20 more hours of flight). A flight run up test yesterday evening indicated all systems go.

During this down time, we will prepare for the media day on Thursday (8/22/02) and do science data analysis.

We will have our regular weather briefing tomorrow.
08/20/02 9 AM EDT, Weather briefing and aircraft/payload status
08/21/02 9 AM EDT, Weather briefing and aircraft/payload status

Media day will not preclude a possible mission on Thursday if the weather and aircraft are a go.

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