Daily Weather Summary 08/06/02

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Daily Weather Summary Output

Author: S Goodman

Date: 08/06/02

Weather Summary:

1521 UTC launch- TRW to the north and west of Boca Chico, clear at base.

1645 UTC- return to base. TRW cells over the ocean to the north of Boca Chico produced outflow boundaries that propagated NE to the FL peninsula and helped trigger the thunderstorms over the target area near Cape Sable (can be seen the GOES 8 loop). In addition, cloud lines in the southern peninsula seem to have propagated SW and interacted with these same clouds. These storms produced lightning for a few hours beginning at 1700 UTC until at least 2000 UTC.

A local complex of TRW moving WSW produced 6 or more waterspouts, rain and lightning in vicinity of Boca Chico and ended the mission for the day. These cells appear to have been triggered during the passing of the same oceanic cells to the north that had produced the outflow boundary described above, however the passaage of the boundary over the Key is not visible in GOES image.

Tomorrow forecast is for thunderstorms at the southern end of the peninsula again in association with northerly flow and interacting boundaries. TD#3 is forecast to move out to the NE in the Atlantic.

1700 EDT sg


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