August 17th Plan of the Day

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Plan of the Day


Posted On: 08/17/02 04:23 PM CDT Next Flight Date: 8/19/02

Altus Status: No Fly Hands Off: 11:00 AM EDT (1500 UTC)

Estimated Takeoff: 1:00 PM EDT (1700 UTC) Estimated Landing: 6:30 PM EDT (2230 UTC)

Daily Objectives:
Investigate isolated thunderstorms in ACES target domain (Everglades and nearby Ocean). Due to continued aircraft maintenance tasks, Sunday's (8/18/02) proposed flight has been postponed until Monday (8/19/02). Hence the Altus status is presently noted as No Fly, although we do not anticipate any problems (and no new problems have surfaced) being ready to fly Monday.

1 PM EDT, Weather Briefing and aircraft/payload status. After this meeting, payload/aircraft interface checks will be made to verify no problems associated with Altus software change implemented to prevent false sensor interpretation identified during first science flight ( Flt 85, 8/4/02).


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