Daily Weather Summary Output 08/08/02

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Daily Weather Summary Output

Author: Richard Wohlman

Date: 08/08/02

Weather Summary:

An interesting situation this morning. Sometime near midnight last night, our network went down! Thus, there is no ppt briefing for this morning. We were able to connect via phone line and saw the 1345Z FL satellite vis image. From that, here is what I briefed.

The drier air aloft which was yesterday pushing Cristobal to the south has shifted to the west, and has pushed down the entire length of the state. In fact, the line of thunderstorms from mia to tpa was shoved all of the way over us by about 2100L last night. According to the satellite loop that the Wx channel had on this morning, the weak frontal boundary associated with the showers had passed to our south overnight. Conversation with the Key West Navy wx guys indicated that the northerly flow over the penninsula would continue at mid and upper levels. Divergence along the stretched boundary to our south would likely initiate afternoon showers to our south. Over the area of interest, we should see N-NWly flow. This, after colliding with the seabreeze over the mia area should initiate some showers. Xpect these to propogate slowly to the SW into the Everglades by about 2 or so. Thus, recommend fly after a bit of delay (say 1230) to be in AOI by around 2.

1030 rw

Looks like much the same for tomorrow. Today was a bust, with only one puny cell over MIA. A/C RTB after about an hour in the area with no storms. Bummer.

Tomorrow the dry trof will continue to linger over FL, altho will begin to rotate around the bottom of the deep high over ern US. Xpct continued dry conditions over Wrn FL, and as such will suppress convection. Look for an increase in moisture Saturday and return to more normal SErly moist flow by Sunday.

1812 rw


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