Plan of the Day 08/10/02

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Plan of the Day

Posted On: 08/09/02 05:18 PM CDT

Next Flight Date: 8/10/02

Altus Status: Fly

Hands Off: 11:00 EDT (1500 UTC)

Estimated Takeoff: 12:30 EDT (1630 UTC)

Estimated Landing: 19:00 EDT (2300 UTC)

Daily Objectives:
Investigate isolated thunderstorms in ACES target domain (Everglades and nearby Ocean). Storm forecast over target domain expected to improve over next few days (Saturday and Sunday).

Depending on landing time (if we go) and aircraft maintenance and turn-a-round issues, may consider back -to- back flight opportunity (8/10 and 8/11).

9:00 Weather briefing
11:00 Short weather re-assessment with additional model results to determine if a delay in rollout and take-off should be made. Pilots briefed at this time as well.

Debrief will occur about a half hour after landing

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