Maneuvers: NASA's ER-2 & CAMEX-3

Aircraft Maneuvers 
Preferred Maneuvers Dropsondes Unfavorable Maneuvers Unfavorable WX  
AMPR Clear ocean level flight track for 5 minutes > 20 km altitude at start and end of mission Two/flight. One at each preferred manuever Non-level flight track. Require pitch/roll angle < 2 deg. with minimal variations N/A
EDOP Roll manuever of -5 to +5 degs. over ocean; 360 deg. turn at 7-10 deg. bank angle over clean ocean Five per flight; some in or near eye wall; inner core and outflow regions Non-level flight track. Require minimal pitch/roll/yaw N/A
LIP Level flight at 5, 10, 15 km for 10 minutes each once during the experiment N/A N/A N/A
MAMS N/A 2-3 per flight, 1 per hour, primarily clear sky Roll angle > 15 degrees Clouds
MAS Straight and level flight 1-2 per flight in clear and transmissive cloud conditions Roll angle > 3 deg.; pitch angle > 2 deg. Intense sunlight
MIR N/A 2-4 per flight over clear targets N/A N/A
NAST-I Level flight, tracks over downwind environment, tracks across eye, flight over Andros Island 1-5 per flight Roll ange > 3 deg., pitch angle > 2 deg. N/A


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