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Instrument Acronym  Direct Products P.I. Derived Products Potential Products
AMPR Raster TB imagery; 

In-field: Calibrated TB

Lat/Lon gridded TB imagery Precip rate, hydrometeor profiles
EDOP Reflectivity, doppler velocity; 
In-field: Uncalibrated reflectivities & velocity for selected flights
Attenuation corrected reflectivity, hydrometeor vertical motions Vertical velocities, horizontal flow, rainrate, path attention, surface backscatter cross section, air flow streamlines
LIP Atmospheric conductivity, eletric field components, and aircraft charge


In-field: Quick looks at direct products

Total lightning count & rates; lightning statistics; storm current output, storm charge structure Quantified lightning related with precipitation, convective mass/ice flux, latent heat, storm current output
MAMS Calibrated brightness temperature (IR) and radiance (Vis); 

In-field: Vis/IR images and line plots of nadir brightness temperatures

Total column water vapor; sea/land surface temperature Cloud top height and temperature
MAS Calibrated brightness temperatures (IR bands) and radiances, sub-sampled imagery; 

In-field: MAS quick look

Cloud particle phase, cloud height, cloud mask Aerosol optical depth, cloud reflectance, precipitable water
MIR Calibrated brightness temperatures, raster brightness images; 

In-field: water vapor profiles if temperature profiles available and brightness temperature images

Water vapor profiles (require temperature profiles) N/A
NAST-I Calibrated brightness temperature spectra IR Atmospheric soundings, ocean surface temperatures, precipitation cell height, cloud height/radiative properties, cloud microphysical properties Cloud properties
NAST-MTS microwave brightness temperatures Interpolated, microwave-only, clear-air temperature retrievals Microwave-Infrared combined temperature and humidity and retrievals with cloud corrections.


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