Science Objectives: NASA's ER-2 & CAMEX-3


Science Objectives

General Hurricane Landfalling Hurricane TRMM Science Cal/Val Alternate Science
AMPR Convection/storm intensity, relationships, eye wall structures, rain mapping Rain mapping, changes of convection in landfalling storms; relationship of electrification to signal storm intensity changes Validation of TMI TB and rain algorithms Underflights of SSM/I and TMI
EDOP Storm dynamics, eye wall structures, storm microphysics See AMPR description Vertical storm structure, validation of algorithms and PR vertical structure N/A
LIP Convection/Storm intensity relationships, eye wall structure, rain mapping, relationships of lightning/electrification to storm dynamics/microphysics See AMPR description CAL/VAL: validation of LIS and rain algorithms Validation of Optical Transient Detector (OTD)
MAMS Upper tropospheric humidity, water vapor and SST N/A Validations of VIRS Validation of MODIS 6 micron channel
MAS Cloud microphysics at high resolution N/A N/A Cal/Val of MODIS on cross calibrations with NAST
MIR Water vapor profiles, ice water path See AMPR description N/A NOAA-K and DMSP underflights
NAST-I Thermodynamic structure, eye subsidence/warm core, surface heat flux relationships Thermal gradient, wind steering Precipitation height from microwave validation NOAA-K validation, AIRS spectroscopy and algorithm validation


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