IPHEx Core Instruments


IPHEx Core Instruments

IPHEx Instrument List

Instrument Name Acronym Investigators Type Product Description
High Volume Particle Spectrometer HVPS-3 Poellot Optical Array Imager Particle Images and Sizing (0.15-19.2 mm)
2D Stereo Probe 2DS Poellot Optical Array Imager Particle Images and Sizing (0.01 - 1.3 mm)
2D Cloud Particle Spectrometer 2DC Poellot Optical Array Imager Particle Images and Sizing (0.03 - 1.0 mm)
Cloud Particle Imager CPI Poellot Optical Array Imager Particle Images and Sizing (0.002 - 2 mm)
Cloud Droplet Probe CDP Poellot Forward Scattering Cloud Droplet Spectra (2-50 um)
King Probe King Poellot Hot Wire Liquid Water Content
Nevzorov Water Content Nevzorov Poellot Hot Wire Liquid and Total Water Content
Rosemount Icing Rate Meter RICE Poellot Vibrating Cylinder Detection of Super Cooled Water
EdgeTech Dew Point Hygrometer EdgeTech Poellot Chilled Mirror Dew Point Temperature (-60° to 40°C)
Rosemount Total Temperature Probe Rosemount Poellot Platinum Resistance Temperature (-60° to 40°C)
TSI Condensation Nuclei Counter CNC Poellot Alcohol condensing  10 nm cut
Rosemount 858 Gust Probe Poellot Differential transducers  3-D winds
TDL Laser Hygrometer TDL Poellot Laser spectrometer  Water Vapor (125 - 30K pmv)
Static Pressure Transducer Static Pressure Poellot Absolute transducer  Pressure (0-1034mb)
*Cloud Spectrometer and Impactor CSI Poellot Counterflow laser hygrometer Total water mass

*Planning in process (1/23/2014)

Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer AMPR

Brent Roberts

PMW Radiometer


Conical Scanning Millimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer


Carey Johnson

PMW Radiometers


ER-2 X-band Radar EXRAD G. Heymsfield    
W-band (94 GHz) Cloud Radar System CRS G. Heymsfield    
  LIP Monte Bateman    
High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler HIWRAP

G. Heymsfield



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Ground Instruments
Instrument Name Acronym Site Investigators Type Product Description
Met Met BDT      
Soil Mositure   BDT      
Parsivel Disdrometer   BDT      
Met Met CNE      
Soil Mositure   CNE      
Parsivel   CNE      
Met Met HKS      
S-Band Precipitation Profiler S-Prof HKS      
Parsivel   HKS      
Met Met MRO      
915   MRO      
RASS   MRO      
Parsivel   MRO      
Met Met MTH      
Soil Mositure   MTH      
Parsivel   MTH      
Met Met EWN      
Soil Mositure   EWN      
Parsivel   EWN      
449 MHz Wind Profiler   EWN      
S-Band   EWN      
Met Met OFT      
Soil Mositure   OFT      
Parsivel   OFT      
449   OFT      
S-Band   OFT      
Met Met SPE      
Soil Mositure   SPE      
Parsivel   SPE      
Met Met TBR      
Soil Mositure   TBR      
Parsivel   TBR      
Met Met WLN      
Soil Mositure   WLN      
Parsivel   WLN      
Autonomous Parsivel Units


  Walt Petersen
Matt Wingo


measures of rain DSD, particle phase, and fall-velocity of particle sizes from 0.3 mm to 20 cm
Micro Rain Radar


  Walt Petersen
Patrick Gatlin


DSD profiling,precip rate, melting layer
retrieves quantitative rain rates, drop size distributions, radar reflectivity, fall velocities on vertical profiles up to several kilometers above the unit. It operates at 24 GHz
N-Pol, S-band Polarimetric Scanning Radar         Provides spatial structure of precipitation
Ku-Ka Band Scanning Radar D3R        
Rain Gauges- NASA



Walt Petersen
David Wolff

Rain Gauge Network

tipping buckets directly measure rainfall
Rain Gauges - Duke       Rain Gauge Network  
Soil moisture product     Mike Cosh
Soil Moisture Sensors  
Two Dimensional Video Disdrometer 2DVD   Walt Petersen
Patrick Gatlin (NASA- MSFC)
Disdrometers Particle size and concentration measurements for particles of 0.3–8 mm in diameter (bin resolution of 0.25 mm), axis ratio distribution, and fall-velocity information


Instrument Name Acronym Investigators Type Product Description


PI: Peters-Lidard, Christa D. (GSFC)
Di Wu (GSFC)


QPF model output from NWS RFC


Pedro Restrepo

TRMM flood maps


Hal Pierce (GSFC)




Instrument Name Acronym Investigators Type Product Description
D3R radar


Matt Schwaller
V. Chandrasekar (CSU-CIRA)

NASA Ka/Ku band scanning radar

S-band Dual -polarimetric radar


Walt Petersen
David Wolff (NASA-GSFC/WFF)

NASA S-band Dual-polarmetric radar  
X-band Radars


Witold Krajhewski
(Univ. of Iowa-Iowa Flood Center)

X-band radars

Hydrometeor profiles



Doppler Radar

KDMX Des Moines, IA
KDVN Davenport, IA
KMPX Minneapolis, MN
KARX LaCrosse, WI
NEXRAD rainfall composite


Witold Krajhewski
(U. of Iowa-Iowa Flood Center)


hourly-rainfall estimates, at approximately 16-km2 resolution from the NWS used primarily for the detection and modeling of extreme-weather events
NEXRAD Level III WSR-88D Storm Total Precipitation
dual-pol rain product
DTA     One hour precipitation accumulation available on a .13 nmi x 1 Degree grid. The dual-polarization QPE algorithm is used and 256 possible data levels are available.

NEXRAD III WSR-88  Digital Precipitation Rate (dual-pol)

DPR     The instantaneous precipitation rate, using the dual-polarization QPE algorithm.


Instrument Name Acronym Investigators Product Description
Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Satellite
Precipitation Radar


George Huffman (GSFC) TMPA product
TRMM Microwave Imager


Christain Kummerow (CSU-CIRA)
Phillip Partain (CSU)

TMI data subset GPROF products
NASA A-Train (CloudSat, Calipso, Aqua)
Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Earth Observing System


Christain Kummerow (CSU-CIRA)
Phillip Partain (CSU)

AMSR-E data subset GPROF products
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES)


George Huffman (GSFC)

Hydro-Estimator product


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