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Bulletin of American Meteorology Society (BAMS) Article on IPHEx
Evaluation of Operational and Experimental Precipitation Algorithms and Microphysical Insights during IPHEx by Erlingis et al.

IPHEX Campaign Report
U.S. Department of Energy article

Duke Landing Page
Duke University IPHEx Field Campaign Home Page

IPHEX Science Plan
Detailed Description of Planned IPHEx Field Campaign Plans

General Description of IPHEX
Mission: Possible: NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Initiative Aims to Enhance Water Resource Management from Space

Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) home page
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center PMM Mission Web Page

Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Ground Validation web portal
NASA Goddard GPM Ground Validation Web Page

NASA Instrumentation
Description of NASA GPM Instruments used in field campaigns

Instrument Article from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Article titled: IPHEx Campaign Demonstrates Two New Instruments

NOAA Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT)
NOAA HMT Program Home Page



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