How To Access Data


There are 2 ways to access data from MC3E

Please read the following to determine the specifics of data available from each of these sources.


1. Quality controlled, fully documented data are available from the Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC). The data have been prepared by the MC3E PIs and submitted to the GHRC following the mission. HyDRO offers a number of services for selecting and bundling data for download. If you want large quantities of data and full documentation this is the best option.


2. The latest quality controlled data are available from the GHRC HTTPS server. As the data are received from the PIs they are staged directly to the HTTPS server. The data do not appear in HyDRO for a few days since they must be processed into the GHRC data catalog and search system. The HTTPS server is organized by instrument and offers a convenient way to download small quantities of data. For further information contact the GHRC User Services Office   



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