2012 GLM Annual Science Team Meeting Attendees

2012 GLM Annual Science Team Meeting Attendees
First Name Last Name Organization Organization Type
Sherry Harrison ITSC Admin
Tammy Smith ITSC Admin
John Mecikalski University of Alabama in Huntsville On-site Attendee
Chris Siewert OU-CIMMS On-site Attendee
Stan Heckman Earth Networks WebEx Attendee
Harold Peterson USRA On-site Attendee
Alex Fierro OU/CIMMS/NSSL/NOAA WebEx Attendee
Dennis Chesters NASA WebEx Attendee
Michael Hutchins University of Washington On-site Attendee
Scott Rudlosky NOAA/NESDIS/STAR Other
Sarah Stough UAH ATS University
Ryan Rogers UAH ATS On-site Attendee
Peter Armstrong MIT Lincoln Laboratory On-site Attendee
Kenneth Leppert II University of Alabama in Huntsville University
Daniel Melendez NOAA/NWS/OST On-site Attendee
Ken Cummins University of Arizona On-site Attendee
Ronald Thomas New Mexico Inst Mining & Tech WebEx Attendee
Nicole McMahon New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology WebEx Attendee
Jochen Grandell EUMETSAT WebEx Attendee
Matt Saari UAHuntsville Dept of Atmospheric Science On-site Attendee
Ruth Cholvibul GSFC/Orbital Sciences WebEx Attendee
Robert Holzworth University of Washington University
Jeffrey Burchfield University of Alabama in Huntsville On-site Attendee
Veronica Franklin University of Alabama in Huntsville University
William Koshak MSFC On-site Attendee
Ted Mansell National Severe Storms Lab WebEx Attendee
Kristin Calhoun CIMMS / NSSL Other
Thomas Walker UAHuntsville On-site Attendee
alicia moore NASA GOES-R MOST Team and Ground Support Team WebEx Attendee
Don MacGorman NOAA/NSSL On-site Attendee
Brian Motta NWS WebEx Attendee
Robert Iacovazzi Jr RTI / NOAA On-site Attendee
Douglas Mach UAH On-site Attendee
Brannon Seay Florida State University WebEx Attendee
Phillip Bitzer UAHuntsville On-site Attendee
Valliappa Lakshmanan OU WebEx Attendee
Quensemnesy Quensemnesy CNR LTHHC Admin
vodafleve vodafleve MRCC Not Attending
Morey Morey ZN WebEx Attendee
Jeff Bailey UAH / NSSTC On-site Attendee
mypayday mypayday Globalcarboncare Admin
Jemaephet Jemaephet A.J. Panzarella LLC Admin
alitteeva alitteeva Tenet Health System Admin


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