2013 GLM Annual Science Team Meeting Attendees

GLM Annual Science Team Meeting 2013 banner


Last Name First Name Organization Attendee Type
Armstrong Pete MIT Lincoln Laboratory WebEx Attendee
Bitzer Phillip University of Alabama in Huntsville On-Site Attendee
Bruning Eric Texas Tech University On-Site Attendee
Brunner-Miller Kelcy UAH WebEx Attendee
Burchfield Jeffrey UAH Other
Cummins Ken University of Arizona On-Site Attendee
Deierling Wiebke National Center for Atmospheric Research/ Research Applications Lab WebEx Attendee
DeMaria Mark NOAA/NESDIS/STAR WebEx Attendee
Dills Patrick UCAR-COMET WebEx Attendee
Ely Jay NASA WebEx Attendee
Franklin Veronica University of Alabama in Huntsville WebEx Attendee
Gravelle Chad UW-CIMSS/NWS Operations Proving Ground WebEx Attendee
Harrison Sherry UAH Admin
He Matt ITSC Admin
Heidelberger Geoff UAH On-Site Attendee
Herzog Ben University of Oklahoma On-Site Attendee
Holzworth Robert University of Washington On-Site Attendee
Koshak William MSFC On-Site Attendee
Krozel Jimmy The Innovation Laboratory, Inc. WebEx Attendee
LaDue James NWS/WDTB On-Site Attendee
Lang Timothy NASA MSFC On-Site Attendee
MacGorman Donald Natl Severe Storms Lab-WRDD On-Site Attendee
Mansell Edward NOAA/National Severe Storms Lab WebEx Attendee
Marchand Max Florida State University WebEx Attendee
Marriott Christina DARPA WebEx Attendee
Miretzky Kathryn ASRC AS&D (contractor for GOES-R) WebEx Attendee
Motta Brian NWS WebEx Attendee
Nag Amitabh Vaisala On-Site Attendee
Navon Ionel M FSU WebEx Attendee
Petersen Danyal University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology WebEx Attendee
Peterson Harold Universities Space Research Association Admin
Roohr Peter NWS On-Site Attendee
Rudlosky Scott NESDIS/STAR On-Site Attendee
Saari Matt UAH On-Site Attendee
Said Ryan Vaisala WebEx Attendee
Schultz Elise UAH On-Site Attendee
Stano Geoffrey NASA SPoRT / ENSCO Inc. On-Site Attendee
Stefanescu Razvan Florida State University WebEx Attendee
Stefanescu Razvan Virginia Tech University On-Site Attendee
sysadmin sysadmin ITSC Admin
Thomas Ronald nm tech WebEx Attendee
Thomas Janel Omitron, Inc. WebEx Attendee
Trostel John Georgia Tech Research Institute On-Site Attendee
Walker Thomas UAHuntsville Other


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