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The NAMMA Real Time Mission Monitor (RTMM) integrates satellite and radar imagery, model output data, lightning location observations, aircraft navigation data, overlays (e.g., dropsonde analyses), and other data sets into a user-friendly visualization display (Google Earth). A key feature during NAMMA will be to provide, for the first time, a local RTMM capability on the DC-8 aircraft itself during the flights. This will enable on-board scientists and air crew personnel to have access to in-flight imagery and data sets that were unavailable during prior campaigns. To playback the progress of the aircraft flights download Google Earth beta version 4+ application (one time only) and then start the application. Note: The NAMMA field component is complete. The RTMM now runs in playback mode. Please start the RTMM via the link below and then control playback by picking the appropriate "Flight," "Speed," and "Action" buttons.

RTMM Animation from September 12, 2006

NASA Satellite Overpass Predictor

CALIPSO Overpass Information
DC-8 Flight Plan (MS Word)
Priority Missions (MS Word)

Saharan Air Layer

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Precipitation Processes

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Evolution of Easterly Wave

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