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Satellite Observations

Visible | Infrared | Water Vapor

Max Wind Speed | Real Time Images | Tropical Cyclone Update

Ocean Wind | Storms | Cyclone Watch

Sea Surface Temperatures
GOES and Terra data sets (CIMSS, University of Wisconsin - Madison)

National Weather Service NEXRAD Radar - JAX
Key West and Miami Radar
National NEXRAD Radar (Weather Underground)
National Radar Composite (Intellicast)

Forecast - Model
MM5 Model for CONUS and SE United States (GHCC at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)
NCEP RUC, Eta, and MRF Models (Research Applications Program at NCAR)
NOAA/NCEP/NWS Hydrometerological Prediction Center

Florida Observations and Forecasts (RSMAS, University of Miami)

Aviation, Marine, and US Weather (National Weather Service)
Weather Clearinghouse and Related Links (University of Michigan)

Storm Status and Updates
National Hurricane Center
NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division - Tropical Cyclone
Weather Channel Tropical Update

Hurricane Education and News
Hurricanes: How They Work and What They Do (NASA Earth Science Enterprise)
Weather Channel Special Report on Hurricanes Storm Center
USAToday Hurricane Information
Atlantic Hurricane Outlook (NOAA Climate Prediction Center)
Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecast (Colorado State University)

Aircraft Operations and NASA Projects
Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
NASA Dryden Airborne Research
NOAA Aircraft Operations Center
Hurricane Hunters (53rd Air Force Reserve Weather Reconnaissance Squadron)
Aerosonde Robotic Aircraft


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