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Presentations from the CAMEX Workshop, Huntsville, Alabama
20-22 November 2002
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20 November 2002
Data Archive Status - Michael Goodman
Modeling of Bonnie and Other Storms
The Eyewall Replacement Processes in Bonnie - Da-Lin Zhang / University of Maryland - College Park
Numerical Simulations of Hurricane Bonnie and Erin - Scott Braun / NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
The Performance of Microphysical Parameterization Schemes in Hurricane Environments - Robert Black / NOAA Hurricane Research Division
Evaluating Microphysical Parameterization Schemes for Use in Hurricane Environments - Robert Rogers / University of Miami
Precipitation Structures
Classification of Tropical Storm Precipitation - Robbie Hood / NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center
Cloud Microphysics Impacts on Hurricane Simulations - Greg McFarquhar / University of Illinois
Deriving Microphysical Profiles using Active and Passive Observations - Gail Skofronick-Jackson / University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Profiler Investigations of Precipitation and Mesophysical Properties Within Tropical Storms and Mesoscale Precipitation Systems during CAMEX-4 - Kevin Knupp / University of Alabama in Huntsville
Microphysics and Lightning
Vertical Structures of Cloud Microphysical Properties in Hurricane Humberto - Andrew Heymsfield / National Center for Atmospheric Research
PR-2 Observations in Hurricane Humberto - Steve Durden / NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Large Storm-to-Storm Variations in the Estimated Ratio of Ice Water Content to Liquid Water Content, Estimated from Radar and Passive Microwave Data in Chantal, Erin, and Humberto - Edward Zipster / University of Utah
Total Lightning Measurements of Tropical Precipitating Systems - Douglas Mach / University of Alabama in Huntsville

Water and Microphysical Measurements in Tropical Storm Chantal - Robert Herman / NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Aspects of Chantal
High Resolution Vertical Structure of Chantal and Interactions with Environmental Shear - Gerald Heymsfield / NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
An Ideal Storm for Study of Vertical Wind Shear Effects on Intensity Change - John Molinari / SUNY - Albany
Structural Changes of Tropical Cyclones upon Interaction with Vertical Wind Shear - Elizabeth Ritchie / University of New Mexico
Moisture, Temperature and Other Synoptic Conditions
LASE CAMEX-4 Water Vapor, Aerosol, and Cloud Data Analyses and Applications to Hurricane Characterization - Edward Browell, Syed Ismail, and Richard Ferrare / NASA - Langley Research Center
Vertical Fluxes of Heat, Moisture, and Momentum during CAMEX-4 - Leonard Pfister / NASA - Ames Research Center
CAMEX-4 Temperature Intercomparisons - Michael J. Mahoney / NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Analysis of Erin's Warm Core - Jeffery Halverson / University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Applications of the Aerosonde to CAMEX-4 - Greg Holland / Aerosonde Corporation
ACCLAIM CAMEX-4 Backscatter and Wind Velocity Measurements - Ivan Clark / NASA - Langley Research Center
KAMP Research
X-band Polarimetric Measurements of Rainfall in KAMP - Emmanouil Anagnostou / University of Connecticut
Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles
Overview of Altus Cumulus Electrification Study (ACES) and the Altair - Richard Blakeslee / NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center
21 November 2002
NASA Overview and Other Experiments
CRYSTAL Collaboration and Earth Observing System Validation - David Starr / NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center

Aqua / AIRS Validation Activities - Bjorn Lambrigsten / NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

North American Monsoon Experiment - Walter Peterson / University of Alabama in Huntsville
African Monsoon Multi-disciplinary Activities - Gregory Jenkins / Pennsylvania State University

22 November 2002

End of Workshop Notes collected by Michael Goodman
Development of CAMEX-5 Priorities
Unresolved Issues – LASE/FSU Modeling Investigations for CAMEX-5 - R. Ferrare


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