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Presentations from the CAMEX Workshop, New Orleans, Louisiana March 13-15, 2002
Wednesday, March 13, 2002
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Wednesday, March 13, 2002
Kakar, R., and R. Hood Overview of the NASA Fourth Convection And Moisture Experiment
Goodman, M. CAMEX-4 Data Center Status
Halverson, J, R. Wohlman, B. Roy, A. Laing, D. Lauretson Studies of the Upper Atmospheric Inner Core of Hurricanes Using the NASA ER-2 Dropsonde During CAMEX-4
Pinto, J., G. Holland, J. Curry and P. Webster Aerosondes in CAMEX-4
Heymsfield, G., Tian, L., Belcher, L., Bidwell, S., Zenker, E. Relation of Hurricane Inner Core Precipitation and Wind Structure to Tropical Cyclone Intensification and Landfalling (Presentation) (Abstract)
Lambrigtsen, B. H., Fishbein, E., Riley, L. Hurricane Studies With HAMSR (Abstract Only )
Rosenlof, K., Richard, E., Kelly, K. A Study of Stratosphere -Troposphere Exchange Associated with Tropical Storms
Mahoney, M.J. Microwave Temperature Profiler (MTP) Status Report for CAMEX-4 (Presentation) (Abstract)
Myers, J., Dominguez, R. MODIS Airborne Simulator CAMEX-4 Workshop Abstract, March 2002, New Orleans Louisiana (Abstract Only )
Blakeslee, R., D. Mach, and M. Bateman Total Lightning Measurements of Tropical Precipitating Systems
Hood, R., F. LaFontaine, A. Guillory, D. Cecil, F. Marks Mapping of Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Before and After Landfall
Browell, E. V., Ismail, R. Ferrare Airborne Lidar Measurements of Water Vapor, Aerosols, and Clouds During the NASA CAMEX-4 Experiment (Presentation) (Abstract)
Herman, R., and L. Pfister In Situ water vapor measurements from the NASA DC-8 aircraft for studies of convection
Bui, T.P.V., Dean-Day, J., Chang, C., Allen, D., Bowen, S., Pfister, L. Accurate, Fast Response Meteorological Measurements (Abstract Only )

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Im, E., Durden, S. L., Sadowy, G., Li, L. Dual-Frequency Airborne Precipitation Radar (PR-2) Observations in CAMEX-4 (Presentation) (Abstract)
Heymsfield, A. and Bansemer, A. Microphysical Observations in Support of the Convection and Moisture Experiment (CAMEX-4) (Presentation) (Abstract)
Jackson, G. S. Deriving Microphysical Cloud Profiles using Airborne Active and Wideband Passive Microwave Observations (Presentation) (Abstract)
McFarquhar, G.M., Dudhia, J., Zhang, H., Black, R. Parameterizations of Microphysics for Mesoscale models: Applications to quantitative precipitation forecasting (Presentation) (Abstract)
Marks, F. Hurricane Landfall Experiment and CAMEX-4
Black, M and F. Marks Status and Plans for the HRD 2001 Joint USWRP-CAMEX-4 Hurricane Field Program Data Archive
Zipser, E. Highlights of Potential Case Studies from CAMEX-4
Krishnamurti, T.N., Kamineni, R., Ferrare, R. A., Ismail, S., Browell, E.V. Assimilation, Ensemble Forecast and Adaptive Strategies Using CAMEX-4 Datasets (Abstract)
Molinari, J. Relationship Between Core Convective Structure and Intensity Change in Tropical Cyclones
Ritchie E.A. and R. L. Elsberry The structural changes of tropical cyclones upon interaction with vertical wind shear
Braun. S. and M. T. Montgomery Energy and Water Cycles in Hurricanes (Presentation) (Abstract)

Friday, March 15, 2002

Gerlach, J. NPOL and TOGA Operations in the Key Area Microphysics Project
Black, R., R. Rogers, P. Willis, Zhang, D-L Evaluating Microphysical Parameterization Schemes for Use in Hurricane Environments

Other Presentations

Heymsfield, A. Finding Tiny Particles in Hurricanes May Help With Predictions
MODIS Airborne Simulator


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