DC-8 Data and Reports

CAMEX-4 Data and Reports
Instrument: C-STAR Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dcstar_2001.237_010408.tar (3747840bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: Cloud Microphysics Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dcm_2001.237_010408.tar (5621760bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: Dropsonde DC-8 Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dd8d_2001.237_010408.tar (389120bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: LASE Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dlase_2001.237_010408.tar (4044800bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: LIP DC-8 Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dlip_2001.237_010408.tar (21401600bytes) Not Applicable
Instrument: MMS Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dmms_2001.237_010408.tar (33372160bytes) Not Applicable
Instrument: MTP DC-8 Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dmtp_2001.237_010408.tar (471040bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: NAV DC-8 Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dicats_2001.237_010408.tar (67768320bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: Nevzorov Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dnevzor_2001.237_010408.txt (146634bytes) Not Applicable
Instrument: PR-2 Date: 08/25/2001
Dataset: c4dpr2_2001.237_010408.tar (48384000bytes) BROWSE


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