Daily Weather Summary 08/13/01

Daily Weather Summary
Name: Andy Schwartz
Date: 08/13/01
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Weather Summary

JAX--Skies remained partly to mostly sunny today with no organized areas of precipitation received at the airport thru 5pm EDT. Winds remained light and variable and temperatures topped the 90 degree mark.
EYW--Although some clusters of thunderstorms developed to the north and west of the lower island chain today in the afternoon hours, no organized areas of convection or precip. was reported at Key West thru 5pm EDT. Winds were from the east early in the day and have made a discernible shift to the SE beginning at 10am EDT. Temperatures topped the 90 degree mark.
TROPICAL--We continue to monitor two waves, one at near 30W at the other at 50W both moving W at some 15-20 kts and both confined south of 17N. Though both have fairly good IR signatures and maintained so throughout the day, no development occurred thru 5pm EDT. A large area of convection formed today NE of the Bahamas and spread south and west as the afternoon progressed. Although the IR signature showed cold, clustered cloud tops, no LLC was apparent and thus no tropical development occurred. No signs of tropical development occurred in either the Gulf or Caribbean basins.


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