ER-2 Weather Summary

Daily Weather Summary
Name: Liza Axe
Date: 08/20/01
0000 to 0000

Weather Summary

Tropical--TS Chantal is nearing landfall on the Yucatan. Over the course of the day, shear has begun to decrease in the storm area. Satellite imagary shows that the storm is becoming better organized, but a little too late. It is nearing Belize/Yucatan and will not be allowed to intensify much. Eastimated surface winds are 70 mph which is nearing cat 1. Chantal is continuing on WNW at 12 kt with an estimated surface pressure of 1001 mb. Models show that it will continue on the same course and enter the Bay of Campache in the next 24-36 hours. When it does there is a possibility that the storm will try to reintensify, but the forecasted track is to make a second landfall S of Tampico.
JAX--partly cloudy throughout most of the day. High temps near 90. Winds out the NW at 5-10.
EYW--mostly clear with a funnel cloud spotted around 1 pm. Temps neared 90. Winds ESE at 10 kt early in the day then winds were calm.
Andros--sea breeze convection with highs near 80 with light easterly winds.


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